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Diving eco resort – Alor Archipelago – Indonesia

The resort

Intimate resort situated on a 400m long white sandy beach; stretched layout, all the bungalows and restaurant seafront, spacious private terraces with view on spectacular Pantar strait; indoor bathroom with hot and cold shower, 24hours reliable electricity.

All board accommodation with a variety of healthy meals, succulent combination of Asiatic and International dishes…

At a glance

– 7 beach bungalows, 20m space in between
– Low ratio divers / guide
– Only one group / dive site
– Unlimited diving on a pristine house reef
– Custom built fast fiber glass boats
– Healthy meals with local products
– Resort capacity: 14 divers

– No extra charge for single occupancy


Indonesia world class diving site in Alor, where is the virgin slopes and walls with generous coral growth, scenic underwater rock formation and pinnacles, excellent fish life, critters dives and more… Unlimited diving on pristine house reef, seasonal passage of whales, you can find it here..

Dive locations chosen according to the tide to get the best conditions and safe diving; all the dive sites within 5 to 35 minute boat ride…

A resort where diving is passion

Guests comments

  • Had some fantastic diving over 2 weeks! Even swam with dolphins and saw blue whales TWICE on the surface! Most diversity I've seen in dive sites from a resort in Indonesia - great and friendly staff as well!

    Marcus Campbell
  • Nous avons séjourné pour la troisième fois dans ce petit paradis au bout du monde avec des superbes sites de plongée pour tous les goûts (macro, muck, prédateurs, beaux récifs), une excellente cuisine et une équipe très chaleureuse, toujours prête à réaliser vos voeux.

    Sabine - Austria Stayed for the 3rd time at Alor Divers in Nov 2015
  • Les sites sont très variés et la visibilité est très bonne. Le corail est en super bonne santé. L'eau peut être froide (19°) en fonction des courants qui peuvent être relativement forts quelques fois. Le choix des plongées est large et il y en a pour tous les gouts.

    Doris - France Stayed at Alor Divers in August 2012
  • Make no mistake, this resort is all about the diving, which is absolutely outstanding. So good that we just had to return this year with a group of friends to see if it lived up to our memories of last year - and yes it did!

    Barbara - Australia Stayed at Alor Divers in July 2015
  • If you want to visit pristine diving sites, with no other divers and more marine life (big and small) than you can shake a stick at, this is the resort for you!

    Paul - UK Stayed at Alor Divers in Nov 2014
  • Fantastic location. Fantastic People. Fantastic Staff and fantastic diving. Everything is arranged for you and runs super smooth.

    Lettsy - UK Stayed at Alor Divers in November 2015
  • Today during our first dive in Alor (Pantar), a boat-crew saw 3 blue whales while we were diving and one mola mola, we have not seen any. But when preparing for second dive two swam by, and we snorkeled with one smaller blue whale, about 15 m.

    Matej Simonic
  • It doesn't really get much better: outstanding diving from an eco-chic and personalized resort with only 14 guests in an untouched part of the country where foreign visitors are far and few between.

    Johannah-Sarah - Brussel Stayed at Alor divers in July 2015
  • The diving in this area really has that WOW factor. From small to big, there is something for everyone… The hotel was basic in some ways but given the remoteness it was fantastic. I would recommend this location to anyone that wants to detach themselves from the rest of the world and just enjoy diving and relaxation.

    Andy - UK Stayed at Alor Divers in June 2015
  • Proche du paradis. C'est un site magique. Une vie entre ciel, terre et eau. Plongées haut de gamme avec du corail à foison,des plongées rappelant Lembeh, le mola en prime et pour les sensations fortes du courant parfois. Il ne manque rien même une nurserie à marée basse près du resort oú réside des octopus à anneaux bleu. La table est excellente et les repas sont pris en commun…

    Maryse - France Stayed for the 3rd time at Alor Divers in August 2013
  • We had a fantastic time, really enjoyed the diversity of the diving and the quietness of the resort. We made great muck dives (including Rhinopeas) with all the famous critters but also great coral garden dives with a high variety of corals.

    Sylvia Mulder
  • I have been diving in many places, including Indonesia and the Philippines. Alor, and this resort, are unequivocally the best experience I've had. The diving is amazing. You can go from beautiful walls and reefs to incredible muck sites in the same day! The resort is remote and intimate. People are really nice, the food is magnificent.

    Cimiano - Atlanta Stayed at Alor Divers in June 2015

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