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Alor Divers nature friendly resort planning and construction

Since begining of constructing our resort and since establishment of Alor Divers we are committed to ecological approach and principles. We positioned the individual buildings in a way to minimize the impact on the environment – no cutting trees were necessary. Moreover, we are trying to make a location more and more green so at Alor Divers planting new trees is an ongoing process.

Our bungalows use natural and traditional thatch roofing, which is local product and further on environmentally friendly material.

Supporting local economy and community

For constructing our dive resort our first choice for purchasing building material were Pantar and Alor Islands. For construcion job we contracted locals and majority of craft work was done by local carpenters.

Once we started operating most of our labors were and still are locals from nearby villages. We also created jobs for few local women in the village, who do all the necessary laundry of our towels and linens as well as our guest’s personal laundry.

Alor Divers and carbon emission

During second half of the day all the bungalows are protected from the sun by tree shade and, considering we are facing east, there is no heat absorption between afternoon and setting sun.

Additional to that the thatched roof of bungalows acts like an excellent insulator. All this keeps the interior pleasantly fresh throughout the day, so there is no need for an air conditioning.

Our cottages have fairly aerated construction and are equipped only with ceiling fans. This proved more than enough to cool down an occasional hot day or night. Since we were able toavoid installing an air conditioning device (which consumes big amount of electrical power!) we were also able to avoid running generators 24/7.

For our speed boats we choose Suzuki 4-strokes outboard engines. They are quiet and fuel-efficient. They are conform to EURO 1 emissions standards and meet 2006 emissions standards set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Management of waste

All of the organic waste is composted and used to fertilize our garden. All the inorganic waste is returned to Kalabahi (main town of Alor Island) from where it is shipped to Surabaya for recycling.

We ask the guests to assist us in keeping the waste volume to a minimum. If you have rechargable battery please bring them along to avoid disposable batteries. Thank you!

Water consumption

Because of its size and geological characteristics, Pantar Island has a sufficient underground water reserve to cover its habitant’s needs. At the resorts location we dug water well for our own consumption. It is supplying enough freshwater for resorts needs.

However – due to extended dry seasons and to ecological principles we follow, we are committed to its reasonable and sensible use. Close to the beach we dug additional water well with sea/brackish water that we use to flush toilets.

We also ask our guests to participate in minimizing water consumption. We offer a free of charge laundry service, which is done at the nearby village.

Except it requested otherwise, we change towels only every few days and linens once a week. The washing is done at the village, where fresh water is more abundant.

Kithcen grey water is used to water our flower garden

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Laissez nous un message et nous vous recontacterons dès que possible ! Sans réponse sous 48H, contactez nous directement à : info@alor-divers.com